Fifty Shades of Nude.

I know, I know I haven’t blogged new material for so long! I have been swamped with work but as always I have been searching high and low for blog worthy beauty buys to share with you all and this one has to be worth the wait. Those of you who regularly read my blogs will know that I do have a bit of a habit for falling head over heels for the more pricey products, I do try to avoid this but unfortunately quite often quality does come at a bit of a price tag, BUT this week I am coming at you with a range of lipsticks I absolutely love and best yet you can pick up them up from good ole Boots and they are even on a ‘3 for 2’ offer this week! uh-maz-ing! 

I am talking about the Loreal Paris Collection Privee range of lipsticks, they offer a series of nudes (and more recently reds!) inspired by a small elite of super celebs such as Eva Longoria, J-Lo and my current girl crush Doutzen Kroes *I have wished for her face for christmas goddam santa claus make it happen!*. It really does makes lipstick shopping so easy, especially in a drugstore where trying lipsticks on isn't an option and a tester quite often looks as if it has been mauled or eaten. Instead simply choose the celebrity you most relate to in hair colour, skin tone or alternatively opt for the celeb who's look you wish to achieve, throw it in the basket and voila. Personally, there aren't enough days in the week for celebrities I want to look like and so I picked them all up over a couple of months and went through a bit of a phase with using each. I picked up the ‘Eva’ lipstick late last year when the collection initially launched with a slightly different celeb set to the current collection, but Eva has stayed and I am now on my third one!- it is a firm favourite of mine, one that is always rolling around at the bottom of my handbag  and I reach for it far more frequently over a vast array of high end lipsticks I own. I find it to be my perfect nude as it has just that little bit of warmth that my skin craves. It has a slight peachy tone that is subtle but adds life to my complexion. I would recommend it to anyone who has tried and failed conquering the nude lip through looking either dead or totally washed out, do not fret not everyone can do that total nude I for one absolutely cant instead opt for warmer, peachy nudes ala Eva. 

My second favourite is the J-Lo lipstick, this is a classic beige tone nude for classic, muted lips- combine with a deep smokey eye or quickly swipe on for effortless natural daytime lips in a flash. The texture of the J-Lo lipstick is slightly lighter than Eva’s offering a very sheer, glossy finish that is perfect for those who don’t really do lipstick and have a tendency to feel too made up with it on. 

The Doutzen shade also has this lightweight, glossier finish and comes in a sweet, pale pink shade. Although this is probably my least favourite of the four, for me it is just a little too pale, I have used this on many clients with great results. I would recommend this for vary fair complexions or anyone who finds most nudes look too warm or beige toned as its cooler blue base tone will be much more complimentary to brighten while looking soft and fresh. 

Finally, the last one I picked up more recently is the Julianne Moore shade. This again is glossier in texture and I would say sits perfectly between J-Lo and Doutzen in that it is a little more pink based but no where near as pale as Doutzen’s. I find this to be much more flattering and so again for a paler complexion but for those who do not want something as girlie as Doutzen’s. It is coming close to my being my new fave but for me it is Eva all the way, obvious really being as how like her I am in skin tone, hair colour, dress size……ok shush a girl can dream! 

Go check them out, there is a perfect nude for everyone and at under £7 is an absolute winner! I did pick up the new reds collection the other day, particularly loving Blake Lively’s red- a gorgeous bright cherry I feel like I will be getting a lot of use out of over the festive season! Tra la la la laaaa.

Enjoy! x

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