Simple Steps to Perfect Pins


I was away on holiday last week and struck by that first day panic at having to brave my horrendously milky white pins. I have returned feeling fabulous as after a few days of stubbornness they eventually turned from translucent to bronzed. Feeling inspired, especially as we are starting to have small spells of leg baring weather, I thought that I would share my tips on cheating perfect pins. 

First stop to envious legs is using a good body scrub, this will lift off dead, dull skin cells leaving legs naturally more luminous and wonderfully smooth. I recommend doing this before you de-fuzz your legs as it will encourage the hairs to lift further out of the hair follicle allowing for a even closer shave or wax (if you are really fancy). I recommend The Sanctuary Salt Scrub, combined with sea salt it also contains a wonderful blend of coconut, jojoba and almond oils which remain on the skin even after rinsing leaving limbs gleaming long after you’ve left the shower. A more luxe option is the Caudalie Divine Scrub  which is a brown sugar based exfoliator also containing a cocktail of nourishing oils such as Argan Oil. It also smells uh-mazing!  

Of course the key to beautiful legs is to keep them regularly moisturized. I aim to moisturize mine 3 times a week, 2 of which are quick frantic slaps of cream but at least once a week I take the time to really massage my legs from thigh to toes. This helps encourage the drainage of fluids and toxins helping to fight dreaded cellulite. I am a bit of a flooze when it comes to body creams, I buy whatever is on 3 for 2 or use anything that comes free with my current perfume however two products that are more high end but so worth the hefty price tag is firstly Kiehls Creme De Corps: an iconic product that has been winning beauty awards for years. It is pale yellow in colour and looks and feels a little like custard. It is amazing to soothe very dry skin or sensitive skins and is so nourishing making it perfect for those who only have time to moisturize even just once a week. It is pricey, I usually buy the 500ml version which comes with a pump at £44 (wowcha!) but each one lasts me a good 5 months which stretches my pennies a fair bit. Another fave is the This Works Dry Leg Oil which contains pretty much every hydrating oil going leaving legs glossy and nourished. I always use this after I have shaved my legs to repair any lost moisture and prevent razor bumps. It has a wonderful aromatic smell that gives it a real spa like feel. This alone makes bare legs look pretty incredible and is a must have for all. 

If the colour of your legs are evidence of months of living in tights and boots you may need to fake a little bit of colour to take the edge off. This of course is not a necessity for all but generally we all feel better with a little bit of a tan. Steps 1 & 2 of exfoliating and moisturizing are essential to achieve a natural and streak free tan so make sure you always make time for those initial steps and don’t be tempted to rush applying your tan, we’ve all been there and waking up to hands that look like they’ve been transplanted from an umpa lumpa is never a calm moment. I am not a big fake tan fanatic year round, I would love to be but I honestly just cannot be bothered so I mostly reach for it for nights out or special occasions so I am sure a few of you could teach me a thing or two about fake tan must haves I haven’t yet discovered but one I always re-purchase is the Xen Tan Dark Lotion Absolute Luxe. Do not be alarmed by its ‘dark’ name, Xen do offer lighter versions and I did have a bit of a fling with their gradual tan while I got my confidence up but actually it has the most natural olive undertone I have experienced in any fake tan and gives you a really believable natural tan. I find it lasts me a good 5 days before it needs topping up. For the face I mix a pea-sized amount with my regular moisturizer and re-apply every other night or as needed. A more semi-permanent option which is handy for those days where you are totally unprepared to brave bare legs I recommend the Caudalie Divine Legs Tinted Body Lotion. It has a lovely light, fluid texture and comes in a one shade suits all deep bronze that can be applied as a light wash of colour or built up to a deep tan. This is a make up tan and so rinses off completely in the shower. It also claims to activate your natural tanning process and so will encourage a natural tan while wearing- genius! oh and of course apply both with a mitt, you know the score! 

An added step if like me you are prone to walking into things and gathering a collection of mysterious bruises or have any scars or blemishes on your legs is to conceal these using foundations or concealers. Of course this isn’t something most people would justify doing on a daily basis but we are talking perfect legs here. MAC Face and Body Foundation is amazing for legs, it provides a light coverage and so is undetectable. It is also waterproof and so will really stay put rain or shine. Of course the shade you go for depends on your natural complexion or how much darker you require your legs to be, as a guide the colour I use on myself and most in my kit is C4. For more stubborn marks it may be necessary to use a concealer, the only concealer I use for the body in my professional kit is the Estee Lauder Double Wear Concealer as it is completely waterproof and transfer resistant- something which especially when working with expensive garments at fashion week or brides is so incredibly important to avoid heart failure. It provides so much coverage you need the tiniest little dot, apply with a pointed concealer brush to pin point the area you want to conceal and then blend lightly using your ring finger. 

Now the star of the show when cheating elongated super model pins is to highlight down the centre of the entire leg, starting at the upper thigh to the toes. Use a foundation brush for this and aim to keep your line as straight as possible for the most successful optical illusion. I use the Becca Shimmering Skin Perfecter, a beautiful cream highlighter (which works just as well on cheekbones). For tanned legs I recommend the shade ‘Opal’ which is a beautiful bronze or for paler complexions ‘Moonstone’ is slightly lighter but still gorgeously golden. A quicker and more budget buy is comes from Soap and Glory and is there Easy Glistening Dry Oil Body Gloss. This comes in an aerosol can and can literally be sprayed down the centre of the leg for a leg lengthening miracle in 5 seconds! 


So that’s it 5 simple steps to perfect pins which really work, I’ve used this technique on 6ft models and my own stumpy pair both with equally brilliant results. Enjoy! x

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