Beat the Shine

Summer is definitely on it’s way and having been teased with gloriously high temperatures last weekend everyone is keeping everything crossed for a long hot summer! Of course the only slight niggle with super hot weather be it here in the UK or when on holiday is it’s ability to melt away any morsel of make up on your face leaving you looking a little bare. Today I am talking powders and there ability to extend the life of your make up in hotter temperatures and beat that mid day shine. 

Having an oiler complexion I have tried and tested many powders over the years and do use a powder last thing in my make up routine everyday to lock everything in place. I even keep one knocking about in my handbag to blot out a mid day oil slick that often occurs down the centre of my face- niiice! So really once you have found the right powder I would recommend, if you don’t already, introducing it into your daily ritual. My absolute favourite powder and one that is very hard working and so brilliant for combination to very oily skin types is the Shu Uemura Sheer Face Powder in Colourless, this is a translucent loose powder which provides a wonderful light finish helping to prevent shine without ever being visible or looking cakey on the skin. I find I can reapply this powder as many times in a day and it still be completely undetectable. I only wish this came in a pressed form to be a little more handy for on the go touch ups, I have actually decanted a small amount into a little round acrylic pot I picked up in the travel section in Boots so it’s not quite so bulky to keep with me. This is an amazing product and one I reach for the most in my kit for brides, it also proved to be a real life saver while working at Mens Fashion Week earlier this year when all the models were melting wearing huge fur coats in the already unbearable heat backstage- hot and sweaty male models as you can imagine was an absolute nightmare to witness *wink wink*. 

If you find your skin is prone to dryness you’ll probably not be used to needing to reach for a powder however for times when you really need to ensure your make up will last or in high temperatures where even the driest complexions look glossy it is important to find the right powder for your skins needs. Most powders are predominantly talc based which can be even more drying and will often cling to any dehydrated flakey skin thus highlighting the issue even more so. There are a couple of newer powders that have come onto the market to solve this issue and even hydrate skin while mattifying. The best one I have found in this category is the ByTerry Hyaluronic Hydra Powder, which contains Hyaluronic Acid- a moisture peptide we naturally produce, that encourages the skin to create and retain more moisture while also working to fill and smooth large pores and fine lines. ByTerry say that this powder is so pure that it can be used at night time after applying your evening lotions and potions to lock them in and boost hydration while you sleep, also getting rid of the slightly unattractive super shiny just moisturised face look if you’ve got someone you really want to impress!

A slightly newer discovery on the powder front but one that I have become a little obsessed with over the last few months is the Bobbi Brown Brightening Finishing Powder in Brightening Nudes. This is an illuminating finishing powder that can be used over the entire face. To look at it’s a funny mix of pearlised mauves, soft pinks and white but with a powder brush swirled over the entire compact to pick up a little of each shade it works on all skin tones to lift and brighten the complexion giving you instantly healthier looking skin. It works also to secure make up in place and get rid of shine without being too matte. This is the perfect solution to those who, like me love a dewy foundation. It works perfectly over a foundation like my favourite Armani Luminous Silk because it sets it without loosing that gorgeous healthy glow. As some of you may know I have been working for Bobbi Brown for the last few months as a make up artist and this has by far been my favourite discovery, I recommend it to everyone and have been selling it like hot cakes. love love love! 

More of a budget buy option is Rimmel’s Stay Matte Powder which at £4 isn't my favourite of the bunch but comes pretty close for a fraction of the price, a good one to have for nights out or keeping in your handbag where you won’t be too upset if it gets lost or smashed. Talking of smashed products, check out last weeks post for a miraculous fix for crumbled powder products. 

I Hope that helps to keep you looking shine free and your make up intact for longer during this warmer spell. Enjoy the bank holiday weekend! x


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