The Dynamic Holiday Duo

This week I am continuing to talk holiday beauty must haves for those of you preparing for your summer getaway. I am going to be attempting to make sense and probably merely scratching the surface of uber scientific sun care brand Institut Esthederm. The technology behind this sun care line really is mind blowing. I have used Esthederm on my last few holidays and was so impressed having returned with the deepest, longest lasting tan I have ever had and not burning once! This one was just too good to keep to myself! 

Ok lets get technical! Institut Esthederm have been leading sun care science for over 30 years and a lot of the technology they introduced all those years ago high street brands and even more luxury sun care competitors are still struggling to mimic. Their ethos is all about “working with and not against the sun” which in amongst a generation that tends to only stress the negative effects of the sun makes it stand out against the rest immediately and yet it really does make sense. Sunlight is essential to all forms of life as a source of heat, light, Vitamin D, synthesis and even as a natural anti-depressant. Esthederm argue that in overprotecting the skin by always applying high sun block  our natural defences to the sun weaken meaning we become more sun sensitive and aesthetically less likely to achieve a deep tan. They truly believe that we will have a generation of sun intolerant young adults on the back of SPF 50 being slapped on from a very young age. I guess the best way to imagine our natural sun defences is as a muscle, and like a muscle if it isn't used it becomes weak and useless. Also, that the very action of tanning is the skins natural defence system against harmful UV rays. Our skin becomes darker as more melanin is produced and melanin is what our body naturally produces to protect us as its super absorption properties means it soaks up harmful UV light and ageing free radicals. Now, I am not suggesting for one minute that you go completely unprotected in the sun NO NO NO, but what Esthederm offer as a sun care range take all of the above into consideration meaning you can be sun safe AND return with an amazing post holiday tan. So onto the dynamic holiday duo…… 

Firstly their UV InCellium Bronzant, Face and Body Spray, £42.50. This is all about preparing your skin for sun exposure. It is a lightweight fluid that is designed to be sprayed all over the face and body everyday up to 2 weeks prior to your holiday. It is quick drying and not in any way sticky, I would spray this all over my body prior to getting dressed in the morning. As touched on earlier, imagine your bodies natural defences to the sun as a muscle. This product is going to give it a really good workout, meaning by the time you are sun worshipping on that lounger it is super strong meaning you are well protected against burning or sun sensitivities such as prickly heat. This product has no sun protection in it and so is designed to be used in conjunction with something else when on holiday. I used this prior to my holiday last summer and I didn't burn at all from day 1 and I really did have the deepest, longest lasting tan I have ever experienced. I will add that some brands do now offer products like this, mostly ones you can pick up in tanning shops. In my knowledge the technology is no where near as advanced, without wanting to blind you with science we have a number of tan receptors within our skin. These are what upon sun exposure send messages to the skin to produce melanin to protect us, one of these receptors is much larger than the others and often these less advanced tan enhancing products just stimulate this large receptor which over time cause it to become over worked and eventually it can malfunction and continue to fire out receptors to one small section of the skin causing dark spots and pigmentation to form. These dark spots often look like freckles but over time can become large and unsightly and are so difficult to get rid of, so do be careful. I had a little bit of this left after using it everyday for two weeks and so packed it in my suitcase and used it each evening until it ran out to boost my tan after a day in the sunshine. 

Secondly is the the Adaptasun, Tan Activating Sun Care for Face and Body, £42.50. This is your sun lotion that you would pack in your suitcase and apply as protection when in the sun. It has a lovely rich texture that is easily absorbed and smells incredible. Esthederm, the total rule breakers, do not believe in SPF as really it is a measure used to give an idea of how long you are protected before you burn. SPF is measured in a lab, using far more product per square inch of skin than the average person would ever apply and they quite literally time until the skin begins to burn. Esthderm of course do not believe in burning and so instead measure there suncream based on sun intensity. So they gage protection using a star system. One star is for everyday UK sun, Two Stars is for normal to strong sun and so Europe, anything up to 30 degree heat. I would say the two star cream would be suitable for most holidays. Finally three star for those who will be exposed to really high temperatures, you lucky lot going anywhere very exotic for a long period of time. Do not be put off by this, we are all so used to seeing SPF it almost feels as though our security blanket is being lifted, I was the same but you can absolutely trust this, if anything more so than any other sun cream you have used previously. The technology in this sun cream boosts the natural production of melanin by 3 times meaning you reach your maximum tanning ability within 7 days as a posed to 21 with average sun creams!- WOWee bring on the tan!

WOAH- I have totally worn myself out. I hope that all makes sense, as I said there is so much more to it, I really have only scratched the surface but I would totally recommend this to anyone who is serious about sun safety and tanning. Enjoy x 


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