The Essential Holiday Make up Bag Checklist.

This is definitely the most time consuming part of holiday packing for me, it can be quite stressful for a beauty junkie like myself to whittle down a weeks worth of a beauty routine and sensibly establish what is essential and what cannot come along for the ride. I generally still end up with a bulging wash bag but so far haven't been over on my luggage due to an excessive amount of lotions and potions- phew! In todays post I am establishing an essential holiday make up bag checklist designed to be airport scales friendly while also ticking every box ensuring you look gorgeous on your jollidays. Enjoy!



I have touched on the importance of primers on a previous blog post so do check that out for a more in depth description of what they do but in a nutshell it is going to give your make up something to adhere to and ultimately make it last so much longer. I will be packing the Hourglass Oil Free Mineral Veil Primer with SPF15, £52.  It’s mineral based formula allows your skin to breath leaving you with a such bare skin feeling you won’t even notice you have an extra layer on. It is water resistant and so will fight perspiration and it's slightly bluey green tinge will counteract any redness from heat or over sun exposure. winner. 


Definitely the most important addition to any make up bag. I would always opt for a more lightweight finish no matter what your skin type or skins condition is as everyone benefits from stepping down to a lighter coverage while on holiday or in warmer summer months. I would suggest packing either a Tinted Moisturiser or a BB Cream to lightly perfect and even out the skin. I will be packing the Dior BB Cream with SPF 10, £30. I would also throw in a fuller coverage option incase any hiccups arise that require a little extra covering. I would recommend something super portable like the Bobbi Brown Foundation Sticks, £29. They can be swiped directly onto the skin, applied all over or just where needed and so also acting as your concealer. The foundation stick has a semi-matte finish and is designed to reduce shine and control oil production. The brilliant thing about the foundation stick is how versatile the coverage they offer is, when applied directly to the skin it is full but it can also be mixed with your regular moisturiser to become more of a tint and so if faced with a bulging case you could swap out your BB or Tinted Moisturiser and just pack that! easy. 


Pack a lightweight under eye concealer to keep eyes looking fresh and bright. I will be packing the NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer, £22. This under eye concealer has a wonderfully natural luminous finish and it's super moisturising formula keeps the delicate under eye hydrated and prevents the product from sinking into any fine lines. This is great to keep in your handbag while out and about to provide quick, nifty coverage not only to the under eye but around the nose and onto the chin for a quick flawless base for beach to pool-bar chic. 


There is an abundance of twist up cream blush sticks available this summer, originally it was NARS that held the torch but now Laura Mercier, Clinique and Charlotte Tilbury are hot on their tails. They are such a wonderful creation and are so quick to apply: one sweep on the cheeks and blot out with your fingers for a perfect pop of colour. They can also be applied to lips for a natural flush, a total multitasking wonder. I will be packing the NARS Multiple Stick in Orgasm, £30. an iconic soft pink with a natural golden shimmer that looks incredible with a tan! 


Definitely pack a bronzer to warm up your complexion, particularly during the first few pasty days. Apply your bronzer to everywhere you would naturally catch the sun first, and so all the high points of the face- temples, cheekbones, the nose and jawline for the most natural finish. Swish your bronzer onto the body to make braving your holiday wardrobe a little less scary in the days before you become a bronze goddess. I will be packing my NARS Laguna Bronzer, £26. A really universal shade that suits most complexions, this bronzer has no orange undertones and so looks natural even on the fairest of skins. 


Of course throw in a mascara, ideally waterproof for days at the beach. Also a waterproof finish is generally going to be more weather proof in high temperatures. I love Maxfactor’s False Lash Effect Mascara in Waterproof, £7. I would also throw in some eyelash curlers for pool side days you want to stay mascara free to give your lashes extra oompfh, I use the Shu Uemura Eye Lash Curlers, £20. 


It is incredible the power of a little eyeliner combined with lashings of mascara to make you feel ‘done’ with minimal effort. I would recommend packing a soft, kohl pencil in either a black or a dark chocolate for a smudgy look along the lash line. I will be packing MAC’s Teddy Khol Pencil, £14- a wonderful deep bronze which looks great with pretty much every eyeshadow combo and so a total risk free option. Its creamy formula means it can be traced along the lash line as thick as you like and smudged out with a smudgy liner brush (my favourite is Laura Mercier’s Smokey Eyeliner Brush, £27) or a finger for fuss free definition that makes your lashes look fuller in seconds. Of course take it through the waterline for more of an evening look or sharpen well if you are feeling really fancy and wish to add a flick. 


Definitely the most exciting part of packing your holiday make up bag. I would always throw in a couple of your favourite eye shadows for added colour. Alternatively, something I always do is invest in or dig out a palette that offers four or five eyeshadow options in one handy compact. This time of year there is an abundance of summery palettes that are perfect to throw into your suitcase. My favourites so far have been the Dior 5 Couleurs Transat Edition Eyeshadow Sundeck Palette, £41. A perfect mix of peachy, bronze and golden shades with a deep plum for added drama. Another favourite is the Bobbi Brown Surf and Sand Palettes, £55. There are two palettes as part of this Surf and Sand collection which launches tomorrow (26.06.14) and I honestly cannot choose between them. They both epitomise summer right down to the raffia packaging they come in. love. love. love! I will definitely be packing my Dior Sundeck Palette and also my Charlotte Tilbury Dolce Vita Luxury Palette, £38 because well I’ve worn it most days since I got it in January and I don't think I can be without its coppery, bronzy beauty for too long !! Another great, portable option for holidays is eyeshadow sticks. As discussed previously I have a total weak spot for them and will definitely chuck a few in for speedy glamour. See my previous blog post on eyeshadow sticks for an in-depth review but Laura Mercier Caviar Stick in Sandglow, £20.50 and Charlotte Tilbury Colour Chameleon in Bronzed Garnet, £19 will definitely make the cut! 

So thats the basics, at this stage hopefully you will have a little extra room to throw in any other products you just cannot be without. I would add in my SUQQU Eyebrow Liquid Pen in Brown, £20 and my TOM FORD True Coral Lipstick, £36 for total indulgence. Also, to help you I wrote this post in the order in which I would recommend applying your make up on holiday, designed so that if applied in these stages you could stop at any point and still look ‘done’! Perfect if you get called away for another pool side cocktail or if dinner just won’t wait. 

Happy Packing! x

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