Wake Me Up Before I Go Go…..

Those of you who follow my blog will know I am a bit of a fan of Origins skincare, I’ve previously raved about a couple of their masks…The Drink Up Intensive Mask and Clear Improvement are firm favourites in my skincare drawer but it dawned on me when slathering on my trusty morning moisturiser that I just don’t cut it enough slack. Lets face it generally day time moisturisers are a little boring and instead I tend to be more excited by my night time oils, lotions and potions with their fragrant essential oils and jam packed full of promise of the wonders it’ll do for my skin while i’m catching some zzz’s. Previously I was so uninterested in my day cream i’d flit about trying new ones, always using up old bits and bobs here and there and then I tried the Origins GinZing Energy Boosting Moisturiser, £23, promising to turn me from morning hater to zingy bright eyed seize the day enthusiast- I cannot say it quite does that but its gel-like oil free formula leaves skin feeling lightly hydrated and its citrus-y smell definitely does lift my spirits in the morning while leaving me feeling cool and fresh. I would absolutely recommend this to those of you who are particularly oily or even those naughty people who do not moisturise at all through lack of finding something that isn't too heavy and ultimately evoke a big breakout, in a nutshell for those who don’t really like or think they need moisturiser at all (heads up- you do! everyone does!). Its lightweight texture will slip into your routine without you even really noticing its there. I find it sits really well under make up without in anyway affecting its longevity. Honestly, not all that much more to say except despite being neglected on the blog front so far I am on my third pot and I cant see myself tempted to try anything new anytime soon- I am no longer on the market for moisturiser, a one pot woman- finally! give it a go girls, you’ll like it.

Bryony DaltonComment