A Total Mind and Body Pamper

Today's blog is the first in a series of posts centred around professional pampering. I am (very be-grudgingly..) going to be road testing a range of treatments from a variety of big name brands and giving you the full low down of what to expect from the treatment, who it is best for, and whether I thought it was really worth the splurge. These posts do feel rather indulgent on my part but actually perfectly compliment one of my new year resolutions which was to have more 'me time'. I am really diligent with my everyday skincare regime but every now and then it is so important to go that extra mile to make yourself feel fabulous and that's when you need a professional's magic hands. So for anyone reading, who, like me has a similar resolution to treat yourself a little more, or maybe you just simply want to banish those January blues, keep on reading. 

Yesterday I paid a visit to the Clarins Skin Spa in Solihull for a Tri-Active Facial, £67. I decided to start my pamper series with Clarins, being the UK’s No.1 in premium skincare it seemed a pretty good place to start and boy did it set the bar high. Surprisingly despite being set in a busy John Lewis department store, once I stepped into the spa and shut the door behind me I felt an unbelievable sense of calm and tranquility, like its own little oasis tucked away from bustle. I immediately felt relaxed and excited for my treatment.

I was greeted by Sanwali my therapist who gave me a thorough consultation where she assessed my skin's needs and also giving me an opportunity to voice any concerns I may have with my skin. Sanwali explained how this initial consultation was particularly important as this Tri-Active Facial had up to 6 avenues to take dependant on my skin type. I thought this was fabulous, as not only is it a specifically targeted treatment for your personal needs, but with any skin changes both hormonally and throughout the seasons  you can potentially have a completely different treatment each visit, leaving an element of surprise and preventing your skin from getting used to the same pamper…although I couldn't really see that happening!

For me Sanwali recommended the Radiance Reviver Tri-Active Facial to boost my slightly dehydrated, dull winter skin and detoxify. She perfectly described this as being packed with a cocktail of antioxidants working as a big hit of multi-vitamins for the skin. I absolutely went with her recommendation and would totally suggest you to do the same. Sanwali then talked me through what to expect from the treatment and I was pleasantly surprised to hear that all the Tri-Active treatments also included work on the neck, shoulders, arms and even feet! A total top to toe pamper. 

Upon finishing my consultation Sanwali left me to get undressed, tuck myself into the bed and get comfortable. From this point I will do my best to explain the treatment but please do bear in mind I had no idea what products were being used as I had my eyes closed and quickly slipped into a Clarins induced zen state of bliss! 

Sanwali began the treatment by placing two cooling pads over my eyes.This felt refreshing and soothing for my tired eyes and helped to shut away any light from the outside world. I was totally tucked up for the 1hr and 25minute duration of my treatment now. I could faintly hear her working her way around the room and almost dancing with soft, ultra relaxing movements between my face, shoulders, arms and down to my feet. The whole treatment was a real treat for my senses with various aromas wafting around the room. I took a series of deep breathes on my therapists request which helped to relax my breathing and left me feeling like I was relaxing right into the pit of my stomach.The constant variation of hot and cool products left me feeling both comforted but also invigorated.

During my consultation I mentioned to Sanwali that I was concerned with the size of my pores of late, in response she mixed up a mask and applied thickly to my face after cleansing. This was actually pretty cold, she did warn me thankfully before applying but this left me feeling bright and refreshed. She explained that the product works deep in the pores to encourage clarity and radiance while the temperature encourages pores to snap shut. I am assuming this stuff is exclusive to the spa otherwise I would be wanting to get it by the bucket load, plus it peeled off which just makes me think of Mrs Doubtfire which of course makes it even more appealing, just me? ok. Meanwhile the mask being on Sanwali exfoliated and massaged my arms and feet, I noticed she brought all the products used on my face down onto the neck and décolletage something which I know I should do but honestly always forget. This will definitely be a post treatment resolution of mine as good skin is all very well but it is going to look even better if you don’t have a turkey neck overwhelming it. The treatment included a hand and arm massage- an area often overlooked but it is amazing how much tension we hold in these areas especially the hands and I loved this. Towards the end of the treatment Sanwali began to incorporate a head massage. I am a sucker for a head massage always, I think I must have been a cat in a past life and so this was blissful. She applied the perfect amount of pressure firm yet gentle, even slightly tugging on my hair which felt strangely relaxing almost like it was straightening out all the busy thoughts in my mind. The treatment gently eased to an end, Sanwali left me to relax and wake up in the room for a few minutes before returning to sit me back up and discuss my treatment. I felt like I was being re-born upon opening my eyes, I was so relaxed and yet not overly sleepy instead totally refreshed. She brought into the room with her a small basket of 3 products she recommended I took away with me after the treatment. I of course expected this as I have worked in beauty retail for many years and knew there would be aftercare suggested. Sanwali had a very gentle manner, she explained why she thought I would benefit from these products and how I would best fit it in with my current routine. I didn’t at any point feel pressured to buy anything, I say this because I know it is a common concern people have and ultimately avoid booking treatments out of wanting to avoid the awkward pressure of having to spend lots of money on products also. I of course did end up buying 2 out of the 3 products, I took an eye mask and an exfoliating toner so I will keep you posted on how I get on with those over the next few months. Clarins also offer a ‘touch of colour’ service post treatment which I thought was such a lovely touch, they apply a very light base of colour, a pop of blush on the cheeks and one of their Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector, £18 which I have to say was gorgeous and I will definitely be purchasing. 

All in all the treatment was one of the best I have ever had, it was a total mind & body treat and the ultimate pamper. I would recommend this treatment to absolutely anyone looking to treat themselves or struggling with their skin. Clarins do offer a course of 6 Tri-Active Facials which would be ideal for any of my bridal clients looking for a pre wedding day treat to ensure their skin is looking fabulous by the big day. 

All my midlands readers give the Clarins team in Solihull a call to book in on 0121 704 5227, alternatively source your nearest Clarins spa. Go on, you’ll thank yourself for it!

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