The Under Eye Brightener That Will NEVER Crease

Why is it we have all had to endure the frustrating struggle that comes of wanting to conceal darker under eyes and add brightness and as a result having to put up with it sitting in any fine lines or creasing up within minutes of applying, talk about a double edged sword! I have tried SO many products over the years ranging from budget to high end, all of which promise not to crease and yet if we are being really honest the majority ultimately do. I discovered the exception to this unfair rule at the beginning of last year and haven't looked back since, introducing the Bobbi Brown Tinted Eye Brightener, £21.  


I absolutely swear by this little beauty both in my everyday make up bag and in my professional kit. It's packaged in a portable vial with a doe foot applicator. No need for a separate brush—with just one swipe it’s super lightweight, fluid formula can be quickly blended and easily touched up throughout the day if needed. 

It is available in a wide variety of skin tone shades within two dark circle correcting families:  The Peach, for warmer complexions and those who suffer with real darkness. Commonly for those who should opt for the peachy tone the under eyes will have purple and deep red hues within the darkness. The hardworking warmth of the peach will work to absorb these darker undertones while also brightening. The Bisque collection are soft creamy pink tones that work to counteract blueness under the eyes most common in paler complexions or those suffering from a lack of sleep. 

This product works to brighten in a way that is beautifully subtle and yet totally powerful, eyes look perfected and perky, with no hint of sparkle or pearlised highlight in sight meaning it is super flattering for all ages and that it photographs like a dream. Of course best of all not a sausage of creasing, I don’t find it even needs powdering! 

This product is incredibly lightweight, build it up for more coverage and for those of you who struggle with darkness or after a particularly heavy night layer up with some NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer, £22.00 in areas that require a little more work. 

Voila, bright eyed and bushy tailed even on a Friday afternoon! Grab this one over the weekend to make Monday morning a little brighter!

Enjoy! x

Bryony DaltonComment