The Day and Night cream that’ll ease us into the anti ageing game.

I was lucky enough to get a sneaky peaky first try of the new and improved Clarins Multi Active range that launched back in February and having used the dynamic duo for well over a month I felt it was about time I shared the wonders of this duo with you all.
The Multi-Active range has been a staple in the Clarins skincare collection since it launched back in the late 80s. Designed to combat daily skin and lifestyle stressors it is a product as relevant today as it was back then, if not more so. After all never before have women led such fast paced lifestyles.

This product fills a massive void in what to me feels like a forgotten market within skincare. Those of us who are pushing our mid to late 20s, we are by no means old but not feeling so young anymore and winging good skin is becoming a thing of the past. We know we need to start taking a bit more care and interest in our complexion but life is flying by when our general motto is work hard, play harder.
This duo keeps it simple: no faff, no layering (unless you want to) just two jars one labelled Jour and another Nuit. It really is simple. I whack on the Multi Active Jour, £42 straight after getting out the shower in the morning. It’s lightweight cream texture quickly absorbs into skin providing a perfect canvas for make up. I feel safe in the knowledge that its built in SPF 20 is providing adequate daytime protection from the sun (or lack of!).

This clever day cream is enriched with a plant additive known for its ability to survive dry conditions and thrive when dehydrated stopping my skin from being so sad from the drying effects of cold weather, central heating and not drinking enough water. Skin stays looking radiant and never dull.
The Multi-Active Nuit, £44 is the night time offering from the duo and my favourite of the two. I am usually one for using oils at night time and was convinced this wouldn’t cut the mustard but its lightweight cream texture floods skin with moisture leaving my skin feeling perfectly balanced and rehydrated. For me this has the perfect consistency I would want from a night time cream, having avoided using creams for the most part due to them being way too rich and feeling clammy on skin. It has the most comforting aroma that I find so soothing just before bed. I wake up to skin that looks happy and well rested even if I am really not.

Finally on a more scientific note both the day and the night creams target fibroblasts which are the collagen producing cells that are wholly responsible for how fast our skin ages as well as Poppy extract which encourages cell regeneration and renewal. For me this offers the ultimate security blanket for first signs of ageing which I really don’t want or need to be thinking about right now but secretly knowing that the wheels are in motion for me to totally kick those wrinkles ass later on in life! bring it on!

Enjoy! x

Bryony DaltonComment