The Ultimate Body Treat

This time last week after a busy bank holiday weekend I was lucky enough to be invited to pay a visit to the Clarins Skin Spa in Solihull for some much needed “me time” and to road test their new Tri-Active Body Treatment, £70 (Price TBC) ahead of its launch on the 7th May. 

Surprisingly despite being set in a busy John Lewis department store, once I stepped into the spa and shut the door behind me I felt an unbelievable sense of calm and tranquility, like it’s own little oasis tucked away from bustle. I felt instantly relaxed and excited for my treatment. 

I was greeted by my therapist Charly-Jo who talked me through the treatment while assessing my skin, impressively she within seconds established that I have poor circulation and spend a lot of time on my feet but left me feeling confident that the treatment would help to ease these symptoms. Charly-Jo then asked if I were to have a magic cream for my body that would solve one concern instantly what would it be, I of course said a cream that would make me instantly slimmer would be the dream. This, she said is the perfect treatment for you! A treatment that involves over 80 intricate hand movements designed to contour, drain, relieve tension and improve skin texture all in one session. Oh yes!

The treatment from start to finish was the perfect combination of refreshing and relaxing. Charly-Jo worked to relieve tension from the tips of my toes working all around the body to soften skin, release stubborn cellulite and stimulate lymphatic circulation. 

My stomach was gently massaged to help ease excess fluid retention and promote a healthy gut, my arms stimulated with precise movements that encouraged drainage of toxins while releasing tension from daily stresses and strains. Finally and despite being so much more than a regular back massage my neck, shoulders and back were worked to banish any knots and soothe leaving me feeling revitalised from head to toe. 

The biggest difference surprisingly was found in my legs, an area that I often neglect felt invigorated and post treatment I noticed that the puffiness I get above my knees from long hours of standing had significantly reduced making my legs look slimmer than they had in months. Charly-Jo applied a prescriptive mask to my upper thighs that she had custom blended just for me. This had serious firming power and worked to banish stubborn cellulite (yes please!). Clarins found that during their clinical tests after just two treatments clients lost an average of 0.70cm off their thighs! 

All in all the Tri-Active Body Treatment has to be one of my most favourite treatments ever. A complete indulgence of top-to-toe pampering that left me feeling slimmer, my skin looking brighter and appearing smoother with a feeling of a total body revival and refresh. This would be the ultimate pre-holiday or pre-any special occasion treat to ensure your body is at it’s best ever and you feel simply wonderful. 

All my midlands readers give the Clarins team in Solihull a call to book in on 0121 704 5227, alternatively source your nearest Clarins spa. Go on, you’ll thank yourself for it!

Book in for a ‘Shape Your Summer Body Treatment Package, £100’ which includes this treatment and a ‘Skin Smoother’ between 7th May-3rd June and receive a free gift worth £25. Exclusive to Clarins Solihull- Call 0121 704 5227

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