Our Wedding Day: That's a Wrap!


Happy Valentines Day Lovebugs! I’m not a huge celebrator of Valentines, Rob has many a time over the years when he's clearly forgotten to pick up a card fobbed me off with the “but I love you everyday not just today!” line and I can’t really argue with that. He’s a cutie for picking up a bunch of flowers “just cos” or leaving me a sweet scribbled note by the fridge when I’ve had a busy day. But how can you not celebrate a day dedicated to love? Even if it’s just in your thoughts, thinking of all those people you are so lucky to love and to have love you back, so I hope whatever your plans are today whether it’s huge bouquets of flowers, extravagant dinner plans, a cosy night in or dinner with friends- I hope it leaves your heart feeling full and reminds you of just how loved you are.

So, on the subject of lurrrve, today marks 5 WHOLE MONTHS since I said “I do” and 55 days since I was actually supposed to post this final “thats a wrap” blog post (epic fail!) to end the series of wedding posts I religiously whacked out twice a week in the lead up to Christmas dedicated to all the finer details of our wedding day.

I’m a little disappointed with myself for failing at the final hurdle. December is a crackers month for everyone as is with all the festivities and in my working world is now one of the busiest times of the year for brides, party make ups and general make up gorgeousness and with just four days off to celebrate Christmas with family and friends I did it seems totally run out of steam and face flopped into a tin of quality street before getting back to it on the 28th and have been playing catch up with my mind, body and paperwork (!!) ever since.

So I am really sorry for that. But with just one post to go, my inner control freak couldn’t leave this series hanging and so today, a whole 55 days late I am finally posting this final blog. Insert hand to head emoji!


So that’s a Wrap!

What a day it was and what a treat it has been re-living it all, down to every last detail during these posts. Today however, few words are needed as my final detail does all the talking for itself- our wedding video.

Craig from Amazingdayz Wedding Films gave us the best Christmas present of all, our full wedding feature film arrived in the post just a few days before the 25th December just in time for a Christmas Day viewing with family. We scrapped the queens speech (soz Queeny!) and all sat down with champers in hand and watched the whole 25 minute film- eyes wide, tears flowing and plenty of laughs. The video was everything we imagined and more, it captured every little detail in motion and it was so special to see all those moments you miss or perhaps forget in the overwhelming magnitude of the day- family’s smiles, lost words during speeches, friends dancing, kisses and seeing the huge moments that you of course remember like walking down the aisle and that first dance but seeing it through the eyes of those who were there to share it all with you. We have easily watched it 10 times since and I’ll never tire of it. Such a special memory to pop on for anniversary’s, to show our children one day, even for those days when it all feels a bit blah and you need cheering up. It’s a treasure.

So here’s a little snippet of our wedding video, a highlights reel to give you a taste of everything in action. Enjoy and for those of you umming and ahing over booking a videographer for your big day- do it. You’ll never regret it!

So that’s a wrap. Thank you to every single supplier who played a part in making our best day ever just that. I will forever sing your praises from the rooftops to all of my brides to be, family and friends.

To any newly engaged couples, perhaps even that sparkler landed on your finger today!? Enjoy the crazy ride that is wedding planning, embrace every experience, every meeting and absorb all the love that surrounds you during this special time. It really is the best.

I AM going to get back to blogging twice a month. Everything from make up recommendations (obvs!), skincare and even if you want them more personal/life updates. So if there’s anything you want to see/hear from me drop me a comment below or reach out on any of my social media accounts, I want all your inspiration.

Now go eat loads of heart shaped foods and listen to a bit of Marvin Gaye- it’s Valentines!

B x

Our wedding capturing dream team/heros:

Videographer: Craig from Amazingdayz Wedding Films www.amazingdayz.com

Photographer: Katie Ingram www.katieingram.co.uk

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