Meet the Team. 

Having gained a substantial client base and strong reputation during her first 6 years in business Bryony has been lucky enough to start growing herself into a small team of make up artists to accommodate for such a demand in bookings. Bryony’s team is small and carefully selected with artists that Bryony has had the pleasure of working alongside during her career and trusts completely to fill her shoes for clients she is unable to make up herself. 


Got a big wedding party? Likelihood is Bryony will bring along one of her fabulous team members to assist her in getting you all ready in super efficient time. Bryony has a refined team of assistants who she calls on for these occasions, all of whom are fully trained make up artists in their own right to ensure everyone is in very safe and capable hands. 

Assistants: Charlotte Howell, Charlotte Warmington and Jenna Justice.

Bryony Dalton

Leanne O'neil