SOS Skin Solutions: Face Masks.

I love a good face mask and have a handful of different masks that I swear by to keep my skin under control and looking good. There really is a face mask for every skin concern out there and we all tend to reach for them when our skin isn’t looking it’s best. I however recommend incorporating a couple of masks into your weekly skincare routine, even when your skin is on it’s best behavior a mask is going to work like an added deep treat and keep it looking even more fabulous for longer. I have been known to use up to 3 masks in just one day so do not be afraid to use them frequently, go on treat yourself and dig those masks out of the drawer your skin will love you for it! 

Most masks fall into one of the following categories: Plumping, Radiance Boosting, Moisturizing or Decongesting. Below are my must haves for each category. 

Firstly, surely the most popular face mask category- Decongesting. Mostly these come in the form of a clay based mask and there really is something so satisfying about applying it nice and thick, waiting for it to dry and eventually talking becoming an incoherent mumble. I use a decongesting mask once a week to draw out any under the surface impurities, shrink any pesky spots, reduce pore size and keep excess oil at bay. All these clay based masks can also be used as a spot treatment and applied directly to the blemish and left overnight. My favourites are the Eve Lom Rescue Mask which smells of camphor and peppermint and so a savior after a heavy night and brilliant when you are sick or full of cold. This mask is worth the investment as it’s high quality ingredients mean it is not drying, plus it doubles up as an exfoliant as it contains toasted ground almond flakes. Another fave is the Origins Clear Improvement Mask which contains charcoal, a substance that can absorb a thousand times it’s own weight and so is brilliant at drawing toxins out of the skin. One thing to really bare in mind with clay masks is that some can be very drying which will actually cause your skin to over produce oil and so breakout- argh- so look for clay masks that also contain hydrating ingredients such as Glycerin and Honey. 

Next, Moisturizing! Essential of course for those who suffer with a dryer complexion, also brilliant during cold weather spouts to give our skin added TLC but actually a moisturizing mask is as essential to your face mask wardrobe as a clarifying one and so shouldn’t be overlooked. Moisture is key to keeping our skin looking bright and healthy and ultimately key for anti-aging as hydrated skin is naturally plumper and younger-looking. Most hydrating masks come in gel form and are applied at night time instead of your usual evening lotion and slept in- easy! I love the Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask. Apply your moisturizing mask in the evening after you’ve used your Clarifying Mask for super amazing skin the following day.

Radiance Boosting- These masks usually blur the lines between a mask and an exfoliator and commonly contain fruit acids such as Glycolic Acid and Lactic Acids which are brilliant at gently lifting away dead skin cells leaving the skin brighter and smoother. These fruit acids are also great for blemish prone skins as they help to unblock pores and work as an anti-inflammatory. I use a mask of this kind once a week, I love the Algenist Triple Action Micro Polish and Peel which I leave on for 5 minutes while I am faffing in the shower, this one has gentle buffing beads for added exfoliation and so the mask is best removed by massaging in circular motions and splashing the excess off. 

Finally, Plumping Masks for those who are concerned with targeting signs of aging whether that be fine lines, lack of firmness or dull lack luster skin. There is an abundance of masks available with mature skins in mind. I recommend using all of the above masks to keep skin well conditioned and using a plumping mask for special occasions. I have found that many clients have said when they use these plumping masks too frequently they lose there effectiveness and so best kept for when you what to look and feel your absolute best. I recommend the Dermalogica Multi Vitamin Power Recovery Mask which is packed full of antioxidants and vitamins to repair and soothe, it smells like banana which I love and visibly lifts and contours the face after one application- a mini face lift in a tube!


Happy face-masking! x

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