The Zit Zapping Miracle.

Firstly I know, I know I’ve been slacking again, from here on out my blogs may not feature on a strict weekly basis due to a jam packed work schedule but panic not and do keep checking in as I will still be regularly writing and posting as often as I can. SO incredibly flattering to hear that some of you actually noticed and have missed me though, I sometimes feel like this is just me and my MAC, oh and my mum reads them too! 

So first week back at work last week after a very indulgent two week holiday, my skin was flawless post holiday after a week of beautiful sunshine and very little make up. Desperately trying to get back into the swing of things all of last week I was detoxing majorly which was brilliant for my waistline (which expanded horrendously while away!) but unfortunately meant my skin decided to seek revenge on two weeks worth of indulgence and break out big time. urgh. and so I have been reaching for my Malin + Goetz Sulfur Paste, £16.50. This stuff is an absolute life saver. I don't have to use it very often, I am very lucky that my skin generally behaves itself however when I do get a spot my oh my it makes up for it!- it is usually big, red, angry and somewhere blatantly obvious. I dip a cotton bud into this solution and apply directly to the spot after cleansing at night time. It nukes the spot, it stings when first applied which call me crazy but I actually love as its that sting that you just know is getting right to the root of the problem *take that zit*. It contains a powerful blend of zit zapping properties including Salicylic Acid which works to exfoliate lifting away dead skin cells to allow the product to work deep into the clogged pore, this is brilliant if you suffer from scarring post blemish or just find you are left with a patch of dry skin long after the spot has gone. Camphor helps to reduce redness and calm and finally the Sulphur Paste which sits at the bottom of the product and is what gives it its thick, white consistency (such a sexy look at night time girls, my boyfriend is one lucky man!) and works to quickly dry out the spot, absorbing all excess oils and puss while disinfecting the area. A pretty yucky subject to touch on but lets face it something we all suffer with from time to time. By morning the spot is dramatically reduced in size, much easier concealed and gone within a couple of days. voila! I use this on ingrowing hairs also. I will say as the name suggests this product is very drying, which is what makes it so brilliant at its job however if you are suffering from a big breakout with lots of blemishes or even acne I would say this would be too drying to use in large areas. 

Note: do not shake this product. The Sulfur Paste sediment sits at the bottom of the product immersed in a clear alcohol solution. It needs to stay separate. I also found that the alcohol in mine evaporated after a few months and so I topped it up with surgical spirit as recommended by a Malin + Goetz specialist.

Enjoy x

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