Upon opening my kit at a job last week I was met with sudden panic in realising that one of my blushers had obviously been knocked and had exploded everywhere, turns out NARS Orgasm Blush has a LOT of glitter!- nightmare! This dilemma reminded me of an amazing trick I thought I would share with you to breathe new life into crumbled or smashed powder based cosmetics. This method can be used on powder blush, powder bronzers, powder get the picture. 

So all you need is some Surgical Spirit, I bought mine from the pharmacy section in Boots for a couple of pounds. You will also need a Brush to re-mould the product and smooth, I like to use a flat synthetic brush. These are generally used as angled eyeliner brushes, but use whichever shape brush you feel most comfortable. 

Pour half a cap full or a teaspoon of Surgical Spirit onto the product for a blush sized product. I’d suggest adding it a little at a time, for a smaller eyeshadow you’d obviously need a much smaller amount. You don’t want the consistency to be too wet, instead it should be a thick paste. Using your brush mould the product into the desired shape or to fit the product pan, finally flatten and smooth. Then simply leave to dry at room temperature, the alcohol in the Surgical Spirit will dissolve leaving your product exactly how it was before- Voila! 


This tip is also brilliant at pre-empting the dreaded crumble of the last few dregs of that product you totally loved or if you are desperately digging out the ends of an almost empty product which is sitting in the outer corners of the product pan and difficult to reach. For this simply crush the product using a flat spatular or a cotton bud and repeat the process as above. 

A quick tip but one that every gal needs to know!

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