One Pot Wonders.

In todays post I am praising hard working beauty buys, the products that just keep giving with multiple uses thus helping you to minimise the amount of items in your bathroom cupboard, spend less time getting ready and save some pennies. This post is particularly appropriate to compliment the series of holiday prepping themed entries I have been posting for the last few weeks as these items will also save some pounds on the airport scales! 

First up is a fairly new discovery of mine but one that has definitely become a firm favourite is the Loccitane Almond Shower Oil, £17.50. It’s primary use is as a gentle cleansing shower gel, it is especially good for sensitive or dry skin as it is not in anyway drying instead respecting and replenishing the skins natural moisture levels. It’s immediate oil based texture is quickly transformed with water to a milky consistency which glides over skin leaving a delicate, light almond fragrance which is both fresh and sweet. Due to it’s super hydrating properties this product works as an in-shower moisturiser lessening the need to moisturise after the shower and so perfect for those who struggle to make time for body cream everyday. I find after using this product even when completely dry my skin looks moist and luminous and so perfect for a pre night out treat for really expensive looking skin. I also apply this shower oil before shaving, it works as a wonderful lubricant for a razor allowing a super smooth shave while it’s hydrating properties counteract the harshness of the razor leaving skin soothed and glowing. 

Next is another oil based product but one applied post shower with an abundance of uses. The NUXE Huile Prodigieuse Dry Oil, £28.00 is a dry oil and so has fast absorbing properties that mean it never feels sticky on the skin. This oil is made up of a wonderful blend of plant oils and vitamins to nourish and feed skin leaving it in perfect condition. I apply this all over twice a week to keep my skin beautifully soft and moisturised. It works brilliantly as an aftersun, the Vitamin E in it helps to repair and soothe irritation plus keeping your skin well nourished promotes a longer lasting tan as those skin cells stick around for longer. The NUXE oil works brilliantly on both dry and wet hair to provide extra moisture, repair split ends and tame frizziness. For hair that is really frazzled apply generously all over and leave for as long as you can, I have even slept in this before with my hair tied up high on my head and then shampoo the following morning for a deeply hydrating treatment mask. Massage this oil into cuticles to encourage nail growth and prevent nails breaking. I also use this oil as a highlighter and apply liberally to the décolletage, down the centre of the legs and lightly on to the high points of the face. Mix with your powder or cream highlighter or even a golden eyeshadow for added luminosity. 

I think everyone should have a clear mascara kicking about somewhere at the bottom of their make up bags as it is so multi functional, you really do not have to spend much at all. I usually pick one up from Boots from Collection or Barry M for a couple of quid. However last summer I did discover ByTerry Lash Coat Mascara, was £28 now £14 in the SpaceNK online SALE. This product is a pimped up clear mascara that has the ability to make every mascara waterproof which I think is pretty amazing as all mascaras generally are better in the non waterproof formula plus for the majority of the year a waterproof mascara is not needed and just makes taking off your make up at night harder work. I use this in my kit for brides and clients and it really does make anything budge proof. It also works perfectly to separate and add subtle gloss to lashes when you don’t want to wear mascara. Take a clear mascara through brows to lock them in place, when brushed in an upwards motion a brow set will keep brows looking fuller and well groomed while working as a perfect base for any brow pencils or powders applied on top by giving them something to cling on to. I also keep a clear mascara in my handbag when I have my hair up to brush back and tame any fly aways that break free and keep pesky baby hairs at bay. 

My next recommendation isn't so much a multi-tasking wonder in itself but it has the ability to make your existing beauty products multi functional and expels the need for multiple exfoliating products in your bathroom cupboard. The Bobbi Brown Buffing Grains, £28 are a genius beauty invention, a handy little pot of luxurious exfoliating grains made up of Japanese Adzuki Bean powder, which honestly I am not too sure what that little bean is but I do know it is just the right mix of abrasive without being too harsh on skin. These grains can be added to any cleanser, body wash or even used on there own with a body brush to give any of your current products exfoliating powers. Its simple: for a gentle scrub add a few or for a real scrub down use plenty. I even add it into my lip balm a couple of times a week at night and massage in to reveal smooth, chap free lips- amazing if your planning on wearing a bright lip.

This product was an absolute no brainer for this post, it is a cult product and a bit of a secret weapon in my kit due to its endless uses. Embyolisse Lait-Creme Concentre, £20 is amazing for all skin types. It has a rich consistency which may seem daunting to those with an oiler complexion but it really is a miracle worker for all, it effortlessly treats dehydrated, dull and tired looking skin by flooding the skin with hydration and giving it life in minutes. I use this on clients with very dry and even sore, reactive skin to instantly soothe and reduce redness, and for this reason I would say it is a holiday must to treat any redness from over sun exposure and replenish moisture after a day in the heat. It is amazing applied the morning after the night before for hungover skin or if you are really good slap on clumsily when you get in to fool everyone the next day you had 10 hours kip. I having an oiler complexion prefer to use the Lait-Creme as a quick fix miracle worker, I apply it thickly as a mask when needed and leave for 10 minutes before tissuing the excess off and massaging the remainder into the skin. If you do have predominantly dry skin however then use this miracle worker on a daily basis to transform skin texture and suppleness. This product can also be used as a cream cleanser when applied to a cotton pad to remove make up, it is even gentle enough to be used around the eyes. This product works as a wonderful base for make up to be applied onto, giving the skin a wonderfully healthy looking luminosity and its texture giving foundation something to adhere to and therefore last longer, as so cancelling out the need for an additional primer. Finally the creme concentrate can be used on the body to hydrate and smooth, its cooling and soothing properties mean it is amazing to apply to legs ect after shaving. I am sure there are more uses for this wonder that I haven’t yet discovered, it appears it’s possibilities really are endless!…throwing this into my suitcase as we speak! 

So next time you are shopping for beauty buys think about how you can cut down on products and save both time and pennies using some of these multi use beauties. Oh I am good to you all! Enjoy x

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