A must-have all in one complexion enhancer!

This morning I have woken up full of cold, having felt pretty jammy in avoiding it for the last few weeks while everyone in my household went down with full on snottiness, today my body has finally given in and so I am in bed with a Lemsip in one hand and a box of tissues in the other. I thought why not use this time to write a new post as I have discovered so many exciting new beauty bits over the last month that I haven't yet had a chance to tell you all about! I didn’t really know where to start but thought I would come at you with one of my biggest finds and that is the new Bobbi Brown Brightening Bricks, £34. This amazing blush, bronze and highlighter hybrid offers you everything in one quick swish that your complexion will ever need to brighten, lift and add warmth. Perfect for anyone who needs fuss free, quick make up and an essential travel companion that will tick a whole load of boxes in one sleek, single compact. 

The Brightening Bricks offer a more subtle, less glittery alternative to Bobbi’s iconic Shimmer Bricks. I absolutely adore the super highlighting effect of the Shimmer Brick but as with many shimmery products it can be incredibly mis-used and on mature or textured skin (think acne scarring or unevenness) can really draw attention to these areas or simply look unnaturally metallic when overused. I find the Brightening Bricks are pretty impossible to go wrong with and look great on all skin types with a great range of shades to suit all skin tones. 

Swirl your blush brush over the entire compact to pick up an even amount of shades of blush, illuminator and bronze and apply to the apples and high points of the face. This product can be applied in a much larger area than regular blush due to its sheerer finish and so be loose with your brush and don’t worry too much about how you apply it. I find some of these shades are more sparkly than others, fear not this sparkle is soft and adds a pretty glimmer to the skin like a soft twinkle that will simply catch the light in a ultra flattering way. Shades such as 'Cranberry' and 'Coral' add the most colour and so are brilliant for warmer, dark complexions and can be used simply on their own with enough colour punch. Whereas softer shades such as 'Pastel Pink' and 'Pastel Peach' may need to layered with a light pop of your regular blush on the cheeks to add a little more lift. 'Pastel Peach' is a beautiful colour for very fair skins or anyone who avoids blush due to high colouring, the cool white and peachy shades work to take down redness whilst adding a soft peachy glow to lift skin, amazing! ‘Tawny’ and ‘Pink’ are definitely the most universally flattering and no doubt will be the better selling shades, I picked up ‘Pink’ and have been using it most days. It works with all make up looks and gives a soft flush with a beautiful glow. 

I absolutely love this product, it works wonders to brighten a dull complexion something in this cold weather we are all suffering with at the moment while offering a quick one stop alternative to all your skins needs. An amazing addition to the Bobbi Brown repertoire! x

Pastel Peach and Pastel Pink Brightening Blush

Pastel Peach and Pastel Pink Brightening Blush

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