Fake good skin, fast!


My earlier blog this week was all about laying down the foundations of a kick ass skincare routine to get 2016 off to a flying start. Those of you who are a few days in to mastering this I take my hat off to you and give you a big whoop whoop. It does take a few weeks before you can fully start to reap the benefits and so in the mean time let me introduce you to the Bobbi Brown Extra Illuminating Moisture Balm, £42 thee ultimate good skin in a bottle that we all need in our make up bags pronto! 

This illuminating primer is so moisturising I skip my regular morning moisturiser when using it. It multitasks to hydrate winter skin fast while the additional priming agents whipped inside it help to prep skin and firmly fix foundation in place all day long. The reflective pearls mimic the radiance of healthy, glowing skin without being at all unnaturally sparkly giving you the skin of someone who lives off avocado and kale even if the reality was pigs in blankets and countless celebrations….!

For those of you who just can’t get enough glow, this product can even be applied on top of your base for extra oomph! Not wanting to ever waste a drop I use whats left on the back of my hands on the décolletage, legs, arms- oh hell i’d bathe in it if it wasn’t £42 a pop!

A little cheeky insider info, Adele’s make up artist Michael Ashton swears by this stuff to create perfect skin and so if like me you have spent the last few months since Adele said hello and burst back into our lives after a few years in hiding thinking god daym she looks good then I think I just found the answer! 

B x

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