The Ultimate Eye Treatment.

Earlier in the week I paid a visit to the Clarins Skin Spa in Solihull for one of their new Age Defying Eyes Treatments. Ever since my first visit to the Clarin’s spa back in January for a heavenly Tri-Active Facial I have been waiting on every excuse to book myself back in for another hit of total relaxation. This treatment caught my eye (..pardon the pun) as it was unlike any treatment I had come across previously and I loved the idea of giving my overworked eyeballs some downtime. Just think how much we put our eyes through in just one day, let alone a whole lifetime. Staring at screens, working long hours, wearing contact lenses, oh and my biggest sin: dousing lashes in mascara. As a result I frequently suffer from eye strains, dry eyes and tension headaches. Sound familiar? Well then read on as booking this treatment may just be the best start to the coming weekend you’ll make! 

Sophie, my therapist talked me through the treatment. We discussed what I am currently using around the eye area and any concerns I have, if any. I explained how for me this treatment was purely to de-stress and relax and boy relaxing it was. However, definitely do not underestimate the power of this treatment to do so much more than simply relax, as it’s name suggests it’s incredible anti ageing powers will plump fine lines, alleviate darkness, reduce puffiness and leave your under eye bright, smooth and happy as Larry. 

Sophie began by giving my skin a cleanse, gently soaking off any remaining eye make up before shutting out the world and placing a mask over my eyes. It was all a little blurry from here, I slipped into a semi-concious whirl of temple massaging, head rubbing and sensations of gentle pressure on my eyeball, all cleverly designed to ease away stresses, tensions and encourage drainage around the eyes. 

During the treatment Sophie used the Clarins Gentle Peeling Smooth Away Cream to exfoliate around the eyes. I never risk exfoliating around the eyes through worry of all my products being much too abrasive for such a delicate area. However this thick, paste like product is applied like a cream to the skin, it can actually be used all over the face and so would be a great option for anyone with extremely sensitive skin to exfoliate with twice weekly. Sophie used soft patting motions to push the product into the skin, allowing it to set before using soft sweeping movements over the product. The cream and my dead skin (ew) began to lift away, it was so relaxing I didn’t even notice I was being exfoliated but afterwards my under eyes were brighter and the next day applying my concealer took a lot less blending with absolutely no creasing. 

Sophie also used the Eye Revive Beauty Flash during the treatment. I picked this product up after my last treatment and have been loving it ever since using it once a week as a mask for the under eyes, particularly fab if like me you can be a little rubbish and forget to use your eye cream every day…yes something I am definitely guilty of! Sophie suggested I keep one in my handbag to pep up tired eyes after a long day, it’s lightweight texture means it can even be lightly patted over make up. Extracts of White Tea and refreshing Rose Petal work hard to release toxins minimising dark circles, hydrate and protect the fragile under eye. I threw this eye cream straight into my bag yesterday and did this while revving myself up to go out and do the food shop at 9pm last night and it worked! I skipped around the supermarket…sort of! and my slightly worn in under eye concealer looked less lived in and more juicy and fresh! A top tip from Sophie. 

As the treatment drew to a close my eyes felt revived, hydrated and soothed while my mind felt unwound and any tensions had disappeared. Sophie left me to relax after the treatment for a few minutes before returning to discuss the treatment. She recommended I take away with me the Gentle Eye Make-up Remover Lotion infused with Rosewater to rehydrate eyes after a long day and the Gentle Peeling Smooth Away Cream as mentioned previously. Both of which I have added to my ever growing list of Clarins products I need in my life but Sophie was refreshingly understanding when I said I would have to wait having forked out a horrendous amount of money on a new hoover…what has my life become since moving out!?

I really do feel brighter eyed and revived even a good few days on. This is the perfect treat for anyone stressed, lethargic and any of my brides-to-be who want to ensure they are looking and feeling radiant on their big day. At just 30minutes this treatment can be fitted in to even the busiest bees life or for the ultimate treat why not add on to the end of your facial for total bliss, so go on, stop staring at the screen and give the Solihull Clarins Spa a call on: 0121 704 5227, your eyes will thank you! 

Enjoy! x