Ready, Set, GO!

Anyone had their bubble burst this bank holiday weekend by you're make up deciding to head home before your ready to kick off your dancing shoes? Did you find yourself looking in the mirror halfway through the night to see your once perfectly applied foundation is no more and your starting to look more sweaty than sexy? Not cool! Heres how to bulletproof your make up so you can keep going all night long…!

In my experience, make up setting sprays are mostly a bit of a waste of time. They are a product that we are intrigued by, a totally effortless step in our make up routine seeming almost mystical to spritz skin with a magical potion in the hope of locking in all that beautiful make up.  In reality, it mostly winds up that having been really happy with how your looking you spray it on only to be left with a soaking wet face and more of a just got caught in a flash rainstorm look. Anyone who’s tried the likes of MAC Fix+ will know exactly what I am talking about. 

And so with that in mind, like the mug that I am I STILL reluctantly bought into the Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray, £21. They actually do a travel size version (30ml) which I picked up firstly at the more reasonable price of £9. It is of course ml for ml better value to get the full size but a great way to try it before you fully invest. The first time I used it I did my make up as normal, took a deep breath and really scrunched up my face. I was expecting to open my eyes being disappointedly soaked, needing to totally re-do all my hard work and yet this dry-mist totally surprised me. The mist it deposits is so lightweight I actually continued to press down on the spray-er thinking i’d not used it properly. My make up looked exactly the same and skin within seconds felt dry to touch. Best of all- my make up didn’t move ALL night. I would still recommend you take best care with your make up application by following all the accurate steps to give it ultimate staying power such as using a good primer, applying with a brush and setting with a powder but this as the finishing touch will seal the deal and keep you looking on point all night.

I don’t use this everyday. You absolutely could I don't know why I choose not to, I guess I like the peace of mind and security of keeping it for days when I really feel I need it. I reach for it when I have super long days, I recently did a 17hour working day and my make up honestly kept going way longer than my sanity did. I use it always on nights out and swear by it for bridal work especially at this time of year when the weather is changeable and can be humid. Replace your hairspray with it, I know you all do it and I am not quite sure who started that beauty hack but believe me it isn't doing anything for your face that it does for your hair.

I have noticed, assuming because of its success they have massively expanded the range of setting sprays they do at Urban Decay. I have only tried the 'Up All Night' one but i’m guessing they are all pretty much the same formula and that this is mostly a marketing thing.  I think everyone needs one of these in their make up bag! Happy spritzing! 

Ready, Set, GO!
Enjoy x

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